Why Do You Need a Lawyer for SC DUI Charges?

A DUI charge is no laughing matter. Not only could you face criminal charges for the incident, but you could be handed some serious administrative penalties, too. This is why you should seriously consider hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you. The Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. want you to understand it’s wise to reach out to a DUI attorney for help.

  • Case Review: DUI lawyers will carefully analyze your DUI case using the police report, your report of the events that happened, and other documents. They’ll assess which factors will hold up well in court and which ones won’t. Taking this into consideration, it’s never unwise to seek out legal counsel for your DUI case.
  • Legal Speak: DUI law is very complex and can be quite overwhelming for people who don’t work in the legal field. It’s usually not a good idea for you to represent yourself, especially if you’re facing a serious DUI offense.
  • When in Doubt, Reach Out to a DUI Lawyer: First-time offenders may be tempted to forego the services of a DUI attorney since a plea deal is often offered. But what would you do if things suddenly changed in your case? How would you handle what the prosecution presented? Criminal lawyers are well-versed in the rules of the courts and know how to respond to anything that comes their way.

Get in touch with a DUI lawyer to help you with your drunk driving charge. Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. when you need a criminal lawyer in Rock Hill, SC.

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