Bail bonds provide a way for criminal defendants to get out of jail if they don’t have all of the money they need to pay for bail. But before you call a bail bondsman, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the different types of bonds that are available. Michael L. Brown, a criminal attorney in Rock Hill, SC, wants you to know about the following four types of bail bonds:

  1. Personal Recognizance Bond – These bonds are mainly used for people who’ve been charged with minor criminal offenses. A judge can release a person on one of these bonds, but they must find that the defendant is not a threat to the general public. Although they don’t require money to get out of jail, the defendant must agree to appear for trial.
  2. Surety Bond – These bonds require a bail bond company to pay if the defendant violates the terms of the bond. While this tends to be the most common type of bond, non-refundable fees are required (typically 10% of the bond amount).
  3. Cash Bond – With a cash bond, the entire amount of the loaned bond money will be deposited with a court clerk. Whomever provided the money can get the money back at the end of the case, granted that the defendant does not violate the bail agreement.
  4. Cash Percentage of Bond – This is similar to the cash bond, except that only 10% is given to the court clerk. If the defendant complies with the bail requirements, then the money can be returned at the end of the trial. Should the defendant violate the bail agreement, then the state is allowed to seize property that will cover the entire amount.

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