Will Self-Defense Work in Your Case?

Lots of people claim that self-defense applies to their criminal cases. However, a criminal lawyer will tell you that there are many factors that define what self-defense actually means. The South Carolina criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. want you to understand more about this subject.

  • Evidence – In South Carolina, you’re entitled to claim self-defense if you have sufficient evidence to prove that this is what actually happened.
  • Circumstances – You’ll need to prove that you weren’t at fault for the incident, that you acted out of fear-based on an indication of harm or danger to yourself or others, and that there was no other way to avoid this possible danger. You’ll also need to be able to show that another person would’ve taken similar actions if they were in your position.
  • Legal assistance – A criminal lawyer will help you determine if this claim applies to your case. Thorough knowledge of the law is critical in all criminal cases, but especially in those involving self-defense.

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