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If you’re in a situation where you need a lawyer, choosing the right person to represent you can make all the difference. If you don’t choose wisely, you could miss the opportunity to get the best possible outcome in your case. In many instances, experience makes all the difference. That’s why so many people who are looking for South Carolina attorneys choose the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr.

Criminal attorney Michael Brown has practiced law in York County since 1983. During that time, he’s represented clients in every court level in South Carolina and the United States except the United States Supreme Court. In 2016, Mr. Brown hired Zach Merritt as an associate attorney for the firm. Together, they provide skilled counsel for their clients.

Criminal law makes up a large part of the practice. Throughout their careers, both Mr. Brown and Mr. Merritt have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the rights of the accused. From DUI charges to death penalty cases, our attorneys work with people who’ve been charged with all types of crimes. We’re dedicated to making sure your story is heard in the courts.

We also assist clients who need an attorney for divorce, child support, child custody, adoption, and other family law matters. Additionally, we provide personal injury representation for those who’ve been injured through no fault of their own.

Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. to discuss your case or to learn more about any of our areas of practice. Free consultations are available.

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