Stopped for a DUI? Know Your Rights

It’s never a good feeling when you see the flashing lights of a police car behind you – especially if you had a drink or two before you got behind the wheel. While we never want anyone to drink and drive, we also want you to know your rights if you suspect an officer is going to give you a DUI charge. The DUI lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. want to share the following information.

DUI Tests

All states have implied consent rules regarding DUI stops and arrests. This means that drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence must submit to a DUI chemical test. These are usually breath or blood tests. Refusing to take the test could lead to a license suspension.

DUI Questioning

Before you respond to an officer’s questions, make sure they offer a Miranda warning. This is basically a reminder from law enforcement about your rights.

Reaching Out to a Rock Hill DUI Attorney

Many people who are stopped for DUI want to know if they can get a lawyer’s advice before undergoing testing. Only a few states allow a driver to contact a lawyer, and even then, this must happen within a maximum 30-minute timeframe.

Have you been stopped for a DUI? Tell your story to the DUI attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. We’ll make sure your rights are preserved throughout the process.

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