An Overview of Murder Laws in South Carolina

There are nuances to every area of the law. This is especially true for criminal law, particularly as it relates to murder charges. If you or a loved one are charged with such a crime, you may hear words like malice (doing a wrongful act without excuse or cause) or aforethought (the actual time the wrongful deed is thought through). These aren’t just legalese. In fact, they can make a difference in determining the severity of the legal charges that are brought forth. There are other basics you need to know if you find yourself in this situation. The criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at the Law Office of Michael L. Brown, Jr. want to give you a brief overview of South Carolina’s murder laws:

  • Sentencing – South Carolina law states that the penalty for a murder conviction or guilty plea is 30 years to life in prison. The State may also seek the death penalty.
  • Defense – Your criminal defense attorney may use a variety of techniques as they fight for you. These include the “stand your ground” defense, that the incident was an accident or involved self-defense, or that your innocence can be proven with an alibi.
  • Wrongful charges – If you’re wrongfully charged with murder, it’s critically important that you find a criminal attorney near you to handle your case. Our staff handles many criminal law cases and we’ll fight to clear your name.

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