The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family. However, those celebrations mean the number of DUIs increase around this time of year, causing trouble instead of cheer for many people. Michael L. Brown, our criminal law attorney, wants to help your season stay as merry as possible. Here are five tips for avoiding a holiday DUI charge:

  1. Don’t drive – Drinking and driving is against the law. Don’t do it and you won’t get a DUI.
  2. Ask a friend for a ride or get a cab – If you’re going to a party with friends or family, have a designated driver. If this doesn’t work out, call a taxi or ridesharing service. The fare you’ll pay is well worth the price of safety.
  3. Stay and sleep over – If you’ve had too much to drink, ask your host if you can stay over. Crash on the couch, sleep on the floor, stay in a guest room – these are all better choices than getting a DUI.
  4. Book a nearby room – If you can’t stay at your host’s home, don’t stress. Instead, see if you can get a room at a nearby hotel.
  5. Party at home – Another great alternative for avoiding a DUI is to host the party yourself. Of course, you’ll need to monitor your guests’ drinking and make sure they’re safe to get behind the wheel.

Don’t hesitate to contact a DUI lawyer if you’re facing a DUI charge. Call the Law Offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. to get the legal assistance you need.

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