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DUI Lawyers And DUI Defense Attorneys

Our DUI lawyers spent the last 33 years defending the rights of the accused in Rock Hill, South Carolina. At every level of the South Carolina judicial system, Michael L. Brown, Jr. has been there, litigating and winning the cases that matter. Clients have faced accusations of everything from traffic violations and DUI charges, right up to murder cases and convictions involving the death penalty. His associate, Zach Merritt, is just as passionate when it comes to helping people to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system.

Working together, the talented team continues to provide vigorous criminal defense services for those that deserve justice.

Criminal Law Attorneys

Do you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal law is very different from civil law. Rather than being concerned with the private relationships between various members of a community, criminal law focuses on the punishment of anyone that has committed a crime. Each state in America decides which conduct is best designated a crime, and so every state has their own version of a criminal code. That makes criminal laws significantly varied from state to state, as well as those crimes that are determined as such by the federal government. If you have been accused of an offense that has been designated a crime, then you need criminal lawyers with the experience to help you defend yourself.

South Carolina and Criminal Law

It may be one of the friendliest states in America, but South Carolina still has its share of crime. The laws in South Carolina cover a variety of acts that are considered unlawful. These range from the crimes that you would expect to see, such as murder and theft, right up to the more complex cases like tax evasion and cybercrime.

If you’re not sure whether you need a DUI lawyer to defend you, then it’s always wise to contact us and discuss your options.

We have been defending clients in South Carolina for 33 years and have helped accused citizens defend themselves against criminal accusations, including assaults, DUIs, drug offenses, and theft. Crimes in the US are generally in one of four very distinct categories. These are:

When you’re faced with a criminal charge, you want to be sure that you have the best legal team on your side. For over 33 years, the law firm of Michael J. Brown, Jr., has been helping South Carolina residents. As a criminal defense lawyer, Michael has a deep understanding of the law and how to protect his clients to the fullest extent.

Here are some of the ways we serve our clients.

Open Communication

Being charged with a crime can be shocking and overwhelming at first. We make sure to go over every step of the case so that you understand the charges and what options are available to you. We believe that all of our clients should know their rights completely, so we break down the legal jargon, so it’s easier to understand.

Additionally, we’re very proactive about communicating with our clients, and our lines are always open. If there’s an aspect of your case you need clarification on, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll also keep you updated about each of your case details.

Decades of Experience

Michael has been involved in hundreds of cases over the years, so he knows what to expect. As a criminal attorney, he’s well-versed in all criminal matters, such as


Examples of a felony include murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping. Because these charges are severe and have substantial penalties, you must have a highly-trained criminal lawyer by your side. In South Carolina, there are six levels of felony offenses, each with a standardized system of punishment.


Although these crimes are not as severe as a felony, they still require legal counsel. Examples of a misdemeanor can include shoplifting, vandalism, or drug possession. Because these cases can sometimes involve prison time, you’ll want to have Michael by your side.

Inchoate Offenses:

These types of crimes involve premeditation and conspiracy. Inchoate means that you didn’t actually do anything, but were planning to. In South Carolina, there are three types of inchoate crimes: conspiracy, criminal attempt, and aiding and abetting. Since these cases don’t involve hard evidence, having an experienced lawyer can significantly improve the outcome.

Strict liability:

Finally, you can be charged with a crime, even if you didn’t intend to commit one. An example of strict liability can be if your dog bites another person. Product liability is another common occurrence. As with inchoate crimes, you need a highly-skilled criminal defense attorney to craft a solid case.

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When charged with a crime, time is of the essence. You need to know your rights, and you need one of the best DUI attorneys on your side. Our DUI defense attorneys committed to helping you get the best defense possible. Make sure we’re on your first call.

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