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We are a criminal law practice that has spent the last 33 years defending the rights of the accused in South Carolina. At every level of the South Carolina judicial system, Michael L. Brown, Jr. has been there, litigating and winning the cases that matter. Clients have faced accusations of everything from traffic violations and DUI charges, right up to murder cases and convictions involving the death penalty. His associate, Zach Merritt, is just as passionate when it comes to helping people to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system.

Working together, the talented team continues to provide vigorous criminal defense services for those that deserve justice.

Criminal Law Attorneys

Do you need a criminal lawyer?

Criminal law is very different from civil law. Rather than being concerned with the private relationships between various members of a community, criminal law focuses on the punishment of anyone that has committed a crime. Each state in America decides which conduct is best designated a crime, and so every state has their own version of a criminal code. That makes criminal laws significantly varied from state to state, as well as those crimes that are determined as such by the federal government. If you have been accused of an offense that has been designated a crime, then you need criminal lawyers with the experience to help you defend yourself.

South Carolina and Criminal Law

It may be one of the friendliest states in America, but South Carolina still has its share of crime. The laws in South Carolina cover a variety of acts that are considered unlawful. These range from the crimes that you would expect to see, such as murder and theft, right up to the more complex cases like tax evasion and cybercrime.

If you’re not sure whether you need a DUI lawyer to defend you, then it’s always wise to contact us and discuss your options.

We have been defending clients in South Carolina for 33 years and have helped accused citizens defend themselves against criminal accusations, including assaults, DUIs, drug offenses, and theft. Crimes in the US are generally in one of four very distinct categories. These are:


If you have been charged with a felony, then you will certainly need representation from criminal lawyers. Felonies are serious, and can include accusations of murder, armed robbery, rape, and kidnapping. Sentences after conviction of a felony can involve lengthy prison time, significant fines, or even the death penalty. There are six levels of felony offenses, with the most serious, Category A, being punishable by up to 30 years of prison. The lowest category, a Class F Felony, will involve crimes such as stalking, perjury, or filing a false tax return.


As a lesser criminal charge, many people charged with a misdemeanor often make the mistake of thinking that they do not need a criminal or DUI lawyer Rock Hill. However, misdemeanors are still crimes, and if you have been charged with a South Carolina misdemeanor crime such as shoplifting, drug possession, animal cruelty, or vandalism, then you should certainly retain the services of a criminal lawyer. Although misdemeanors carry lighter sentences than felonies, they can still involve fines or prison time.

Inchoate Offenses:

There are three main categories of inchoate crimes, and if you have been charged with one, then a criminal law attorney is essential. The three categories are Criminal Attempt (where you are accused of attempting to commit a crime but have failed to do so), Conspiracy (when two people or a group agree to commit a crime), and Aiding and Abetting (often known as being an accomplice to a crime even if you were not present). Inchoate cases can be very complex, and a criminal lawyer Rock Hill will be able to help you understand the best steps to take to clear your name.

Strict liability:

In South Carolina law, strict liability means that you have been charged with an offense even if you had no intention of committing a crime. Product liability is the most common form of this charge, but cases of dog bites are also included. While a strict liability charge can be easier to defend against, an experienced criminal lawyer is vital. Hiring the right team to protect you can make a big difference.

If you have had criminal charges brought against you, then you are going to need a team that you can rely on. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your crime isn’t serious enough to hire the services of an experienced and professional criminal lawyer. Call the law offices of Michael L. Brown, Jr. today for your free consultation at (803) 328-8822.

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